Electrospinning Equipment

Electrospinning is a technique for producing ultrafine (nanometer) fibres by charging and ejecting a polymer melt or solution via a spinneret under a high-voltage electric field, then solidifying or coagulating it to form a filament. Electrospinning equipment is designed and manufactured by Nanolab Instrument Sdn Bhd to manufacture fibres and particles. The electrospinning equipment ranges from the lab’s tabletop to fully automated equipment for industrial manufacturing. These units are versatile and powerful tools for producing accurate, regulated, reproducible, and scalable products. Nanofiber instrument is designed to produce ultra-fine fibres with diameters ranging from 20 to 1000nm. These nanofibers have a large specific surface area, a tiny diameter, and a high porosity. PEO, PAA, PLA, nylon, polyester, acryl resin, PVA, PS, and PAN, as well as biobased components such as protein, collagen, peptides, and cellulose, can all be employed as basic materials.

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