Electrospinning Apparatus (Accessories)

Electrospinning Apparatus

We manufacture a wide range of electrospinning machines for polymer solutions and melts, including lab setups, pilot production equipment, and mass-production machinery. The nanofiber electrospinning apparatus is a method for creating ultra-fine fibre with diameters ranging from 20 to 1000nm. The nanofiber has a large specific surface area, a tiny diameter, and a high porosity. More than 100 different polymers can be employed as basic materials. PEO, DNA, PAA, PLA, as well as protein, collagen, organics such as nylon, polyester, acryl resin, and PVA, PS, PAN, peptide, cellulose, and so on. To spin fibres from the tip, a fine spinneret, electrostatic and mechanical forces are used. Our electrospinning apparatus is intended for the production of micro and nano-sized fibres and particles using electrospinning processes. The equipment versions range from benchtop for the lab to fully automated industrial manufacturing equipment. These units are adaptable and powerful tools for achieving exact, regulated, reproducible, and scalable results for your application requirements.

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