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The electrospinning collector has a considerable impact on the nanofibers’ productivity, organisation, and ultimate structure. This is due to its influence on the ability of deposited fibre charges to be transmitted to the ground, impacting the number of fibres gathered on the substrate. For a less conductive collector, deposited fibres may retain some of their charges, repelling incoming fibre and lowering fibre deposition and productivity. Electrospun fibres, once solidified during the spinning process, can be gathered into a wide range of collectors, the most common of which are fixed and revolving platforms. This electrospinning collector will considerably impact the electrospun sample’s final design. Stationary collectors are typically flat plates that gather random fibres and can be customised to a specific range. Rotating collectors include discs, mandrels, and drums, all of which can be made in a wide range of diameters.

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