Syringe Pumps

A high precision syringe pump (also known as a syringe driver) is used to transfer a defined volume of solution at a set rate. Scientific syringe pumps, in general, provide a significant level of control and accuracy, and are widely employed in the lab to get repeatable and accurate findings that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to accomplish. Precision-programmable twin syringe pumps with infusion and withdrawal capabilities are incredibly versatile and an essential piece of equipment for correctly distributing or withdrawing liquids. The Nanolab Instruments Sdn Bhd high precision syringe pump is often used to transfer samples and reagents, bulk dispensing, and enabling procedures requiring precise dispenses. Users can use a positive displacement syringe to distribute liquids with high accuracy and precision liquids. Due to liquid incompressibility, Hamilton syringe pumps retain great accuracy and precision regardless of fluid and environmental parameters such as surface tension, viscosity, humidity, hydrostatic pressure, and barometric pressure.

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