Industrial Electrospinning Machine

Nanolab Instruments Sdn Bhd is aware of the limited resources available to global companies and technical institutes to conduct their own R&D. Regarding this issue, Nanolab’s Staff has worked on a more compact, fresh, and more innovative industrial electrospinning machine design that allows our clients to invest less while maintaining better quality standards in our components and primary features that help your research team to accomplish the top levels in the coaxial electrospinning/electrospraying process design. Our industrial electrospinning machine is geared toward the process design of core-shell and plain nanofibers and nanoparticles, developed and designed based on our leading research knowledge in electrospinning and electrospraying techniques, at a very competitive price, being the best choice to deal with laboratory research, crucial to success in designing revolutionary Coaxial electrospraying & electrospinning processes.

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