Nanofiber Electrospinning Unit

When compared to many other traditional bulk materials, nanofibers are one of the leading nanostructures due to their new qualities such as extensive surface area, low density, high pore volume, and tunable mechanical properties. They also offer a new generation of reinforcement for the creation of custom-tailored unique nanocomposites. A nanofiber electrospinning unit is used to create nano and microfibres with diameters ranging from 50nm to 5 microns. Our nanofibre electrospinning unit can synthesise a wide range of polymers, including protein nanofibers, carbon nanotubes, and inorganic nanofibers. In comparison to other nanofiber electrospinning unit on the market, ours uses horizontal spinning. This method ensures that the spun fibres are of high quality, with no dips or irregular diameters. In addition, it has an easy-to-use and task-oriented design. The utilisation of nanofibers in the raw materials, information technology, biotechnology, and healthcare industries is predicted to skyrocket as producers seek to capitalise on higher surface area and more delicate fibre materials. We strive to produce easy to use electrospinning machines. If you are on the lookout for an electrospinning unit that is reasonably priced, Nanolab Instruments Sdn Bhd is here to assist you.

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