Standard configuration Basic Series (BS-35PV-2-ESD)

Key Features

  • Basic research, low entry-level costs
  • For safe operation, all components are constructed with high voltage insulation
  • Single syringe

The NLI basic electrospinning series provides researchers with an affordable, adaptable, and portable electrospinning setup. A High Voltage Power Supply, Syringe Pump, and Rotary Collector are the three essential components required for electrospinning. Various polymers and composite materials can be electrospun with this method, and the process is simple and cost-effective. The following component models are included in the Basic Electrospinning Standard Configuration:

PS35-PV High Voltage Power Supply

Model of Syringe Pump: SP20

Drum Collector ESD-30s Rotary Collector

Please visit the Basic Electrospinning DIY Set-up to customize the component models for various configurations.


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Price Basis

Prices are in US Dollar (USD), FCA Kuala Lumpur, excluding Import /Custom Duty/GST unless freight charge is quoted.

Payment Term

  • Prepayment

1) Delivery lead time

Ex-stock or 2-3 months delivery

2)Site Readiness

Buyer shall prepare the installation site at Buyer’s expense; provide utilities in accordance with Seller’s pre-installation instructions and specifications; furnish uncrating, rigging, electrical (including step-up or step-down transformer if needed), plumbing, or other assistance, as required, and furnish materials and labour for connecting specified utilities to the purchased goods

3)Operation Training

Operation manual, Online video, online training or Optional operational training course at site can be quoted depending on type of equipment.

4)Limited Warranty for equipment only

The warranty period is 12 months from shipment date, against manufacturer’s defects. The seller guarantees the specifications of the delivered equipment, only when the consumables recommended by the seller used. The warranty does not include any consumables, misuse, unauthorized modification of the instrument and any consequent damages. The faulty equipment to be returned to our repair Centre for free replacement of faulty components. Customer has to bear the freight cost to send the equipment. If it is under warranty claim, we will send back to customer at our cost. If onsite support is necessary, customer has to pay for engineer’s travelling, lodging and subsistence fees during the warranty period.

5)Cancellation of Purchase Order

Any order placed with Nanolab Instruments may not be cancelled except a written consent from Nanolab Instruments. The cancellation will be subjected to 50% of the total purchased price if the equipment yet to delivered from factory.


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