Industrial Nanofiber Production Line

Key Features

  • Blowing-Assisted Technique Patented
  • 4g/hr * per nozzle, 8 to 14 nozzles per module, high nanofiber yield
  • Two to eight electrospinning modules are available
  • It can accommodate substrate rolls with a width of 100-160 cm
  • PLC control and two big HMI touchscreens for fully automated operation
  • Ready-to-use formulas for the manufacture of face masks and air filters

The Industrial Electrospinning Production Line is the ideal solution for meeting the requirement for high nanofiber production in various applications, including nanofiber face masks N95, N99, FFP1 through FFP3, power plant filters, HVAC filters, automobile filters, bedding products, and wound dressings.

The manufacturing line can be customised based on production requirements, ranging from a two-module system to an eight-module system. The collectors range in size from 1000mm to 1600mm. The most popular industrial-scale nanofiber production technology is the EPL-6100 Industrial Electrospinning Production Line. It produces many nanofibers utilised in air filters and face masks, power plant filters, automotive filters, and other applications.

Electrospinning parameters such as spinneret and collector rotation rates, working distance, substrate media winding speed, working temperature, applied high voltage, and operation time is all easily adjusted using a touchscreen HMI interface to generate desired nanofibers.

The EPL-6100 comprises SIX manufacturing modules that produce nanofibers at a 168g/hour rate. Nanofiber diameters might range from 50 to 500 nm, depending on the application. EPL-6100 includes formulations for forming nanofibers used to fabricate face masks and air filters. Please contact us for your application’s technical specs, price, brochure, and model selection.


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Price Basis

Prices are in US Dollar (USD), FCA Kuala Lumpur, excluding Import /Custom Duty/GST unless freight charge is quoted.

Payment Term

  • Prepayment or letter of credit

1) Delivery lead time

2-5 months delivery lead time depending on model or customization.

2)Site Readiness

Buyer shall prepare the installation site at Buyer’s expense; provide utilities in accordance with Seller’s pre-installation instructions and specifications; furnish uncrating, rigging, electrical (including step-up or step-down transformer if needed), plumbing, or other assistance, as required, and furnish materials and labour for connecting specified utilities to the purchased goods.

3)Operation Training

Operation manual, Online video, online training and operational training course at site can be quoted depending on type of equipment.

4)Warranty for equipment only

The warranty period is 12 months from shipment date, against manufacturer’s defects. The seller guarantees the specifications of the delivered equipment, only when the consumables recommended by the seller used. The warranty does not include any consumables, misuse, unauthorized modification of the instrument and any consequent damages.


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