About LS901

LS901 is a robust, modular and user-friendly instrument optimized for laboratory electrospinning and electrospraying work.

  • The syringe pump features a double-syringe spinneret which is ideal for single-needle or coaxial needle electrospinning and electrospraying. The motorized spinneret enables the control of scanning speed and range.
  • The high voltage power supply is stable, reliable and optimized for electrospinning and electrospraying process. Its safety features include proper grounding design and auto cutoff when overcurrent is detected.
  • The collector is motorized for adjustment of distances. The type of collectors used can be swapped and installed easily with its modular design. The standard LS901 comes with a stationary and rotary drum collectors.  Other optional collectors include Mandrel, Disc and Wire collectors.
  • The large touchscreen control panel allows easy setup and adjustments of electrospinning and electrospraying parameters. Rates of polymer injection, working distances,  spinneret scanning rates and ranges are within one single control panel.
  • LS901 has extensive safety features to ensure a safe operation and minimize damage risks to the instrument. The high voltage power supply will be automatically shut down in case of door opening during electrospinning or electrospraying process, grounding problems or process disruption.  An easy-access emergency stop button is installed for a quick shutdown of the system in case of an emergency.
  • The twin front doors provide easy access for the pre- and post – electrospinning or electrospraying sample handling. The observation and monitoring of the process can be done through the transparent windows.
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