Nanofiber-coated polypropylene filter media

About Nanofiber-coated polypropylene filter media

Nanofibers can improve the performance of filter media’s ability to remove particulates from air streams. The filters can be use in HVAC system, vehicles, computer disk drive ventilation, cabin air filters, removing the particulate matter improves the comfort and health of the users.

Nanofibers offer enhanced filtration performance in both mobile and stationary engines and industrial filtration applications. In gas turbines and combustion furnaces, it is important to remove particulate material from the air stream supply that can cause substantial damage to the internal components. The production gases from combustion engine and industrial processes may contain damaging particles or material. The removal of these particles is desirable to protect downstream equipment and minimize pollution discharge to the environment.

The nanofiber coating can also be used in self-cleaning or pulse cleaning filter applications. The dust cake formed on the upstream side of the filter media can be removed by back pulsing air through the media to rejuvenate it.

Deep filtration dust collector media, where the nanofiber is applied downstream in applications such as automotive air intake, cabin air, fuel and lubrication applications where it is important for particulates to be captured and confined within the air filter media. Particle capture efficiency can be greatly improved by adding a nanofiber layer coated substrate downstream while increasing particle holding capacity. The combination of a more open base sheet with a heavier nanofiber layer results in a composite with not only greater efficiency at the same restriction but also significantly improved dust holding capacity.

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