Pilot Electrospinning Unit(PEUR160/260)

Key Features

  • Upscaling of nanofiber production for pre-commercialization trial run or small industrial production
  • Patented Blowing-Assisted technique
  • Two Electrospinning modules
  • High yield of nanofibers, up to 4g/hr * per nozzle
  • Accommodate Substrate roll 30cm diameter or higher

*based on in-house testing using polyamide solution


PEUR 260 Pilot Electrospinning Production Unit is based on a patented Blowing-Assisted electrospinning technology to increase the production rate for various types of nanofibers.

The unit is suitable for trial run or low volume production of nanofibers in research and industries.

PEUR 260 consists of robust metal frames, a patented spinneret system, drum and roll-to-roll (R2R) collectors, choices of positive and negative high voltage power supply (35kV-50kV), a control system and HMI touchscreen.

The R2R collector is specially designed and built to coat various substrates. 

The patented Blowing-Assisted nozzles can produce hundreds of nanofibers onto the collector during an electrospinning run. The nanofiber production rate ranges from 4-20 g/hr * with sizes varying from 60-500 nm.

Nanofibers can be electrospun from synthetic/biodegradable/natural polymers or composite polymer.

All electrospinning parameters (spinneret rotation speed, working distance, temperature, air flow rate, scanning rate, humidity, substrate rolling speed, total operation time and high voltage), chamber lighting and fan are easily controlled by the PLC control system with HMI touch screen.


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