About PEUR160

  • PEUR-060 Pilot production unit is based on a new technology to increase the production rate of various kinds of nanofibers.
  • The unit is suitable for researchers and industries who wish to upscale the production of nanofibers for future commercialization.
  • Electrospinning unit consists of robust painted metal frame, spinneret system, Drum and Roll-to-Roll (R2R) collectors, high voltage power supplies, control system and HMI touchscreen.
  • In this unit, the needle and syringe pump are replaced with a rotating spinneret drum immersed in a polymer solution bath.
  • Hundreds of polymeric jets are ejected from the surface of spinneret drum to the collector when a high voltage is applied.
  • All electrospinning parameters including rotation speed of nozzle and collector drum, working distance, ON/OFF timing of chamber fan, chamber lighting, chamber laser, working time and working temperature are controlled easily by PLC control system through a HMI touchscreen.

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