Electrospinning High Voltage Power Supply (PS35-PV)

Key Features

  • Control via analogue
  • Display of digital data
  • Low price
  • Small in size and weight

PS35-PV is a compact, lightweight 35 kV high voltage power supply device designed for electrospinning. The analogue control with a digital display for establishing electrospinning parameters assures precise and constant voltage and current output throughout the electrospinning process. It is also ideal for capacitor testing, free-electron laser, ion implantation, physical vapour deposition, capillary electrophoresis, electrospinning, ion-beam aided deposition, ion sources, etc.

Electrospinning is a fabricating technique that uses an electrical approach to create changing composition ‘nano-fibers’. These spun fibres have the potential to address manufacturing issues in a wide range of disciplines, including artificial organ fabrication, drug delivery systems, enhanced filtration media, and medical textiles. Electrospinning draws very fine (usually on the micro or nanoscale). PS35-PV electrospinning high voltage power supply, which plays a critical part in the novel electrospinning production process, is available from Nanolab Industries Sdn Bhd, the chosen source for electrospinning power supply. The system comprises three major components necessary for electrospinning: an electrospinning high voltage power supply, a syringe pump, and a rotary collector. Different polymers and composite materials can be electrospun using this method, and the process is simple and inexpensive.

Furthermore, using the most recent circuit design innovation, the range may provide up to 6% higher efficiency than the first generation of PCB products and full load power via free air convection at 50°C using the most recent circuit design innovation. In addition, the electrospinning power supply has comprehensive protection mechanisms for short circuits, overload, and overvoltage. Contact us today to know more about Nanolab Instruments Sdn Bhd electrospinning power supply.



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